About Us

About Company:

Since the 50s of the XX century, commercial use of "Sirab" mineral water deposit had begun. For the first time the water reserves of the deposit were calculated and approved by the Moscow State Reserves Commission in 1968. Based on the discovered mineral water base, the largest mineral water filling plant was put into operation in Azerbaijan in 1968. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, as a result of careful attention of our national leader Heydar Aliyev to the entrepreneurship in the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Sirab” mineral water plant was become an open Joint-Stock Company in 2003. Babak “Sirab” OJSC purchased modern equipment by establishing corporations with several European, Russian and Turkish firms.

About the products that are manufactured:

At present 4 workshops installed seven technological lines operate in “Sirab” mineral water plant. Filling of carbonated and non-carbonated “Sirab” natural mineral medical-drinking water in PET and glass bottles of different sizes is carried out in these lines. Our plant is currently manufactured 21 types of products (0,5 Lt, 1,0 Lt, 1,5 Lt PET carbonated, 0,33 Lt, 0,5 Lt, 1,0 Lt, 1,5 Lt, 5,0 Lt, 10 Lt and 19 Lt PET non-carbonated ,  0.2 Lt, 0,33 Lt, 0,5 Lt carbonated glass bottle, 0,33 Lt and 0. 5 Lt non-carbonated glass bottle and 0,33 Lt,  0,75 Lt carbonated and non-carbonated glass Premium water).

About composition:

In the formation of Sirab mineral water, processes taking place in the depths of the earth's crust play a key role. A large number of drilled exploration wells confirm that the mineral water is with crack-vessel type. By studying Na/Cl coefficient and other components, chemical composition of mineral water can be determined their genesis and evolution. 97,5 - 99,9 % of gases in the mineral water of the territory are carbon dioxide. Nitrogen, oxygen and other rare gases are negligible quantity. General mineralization of carbonated water is 1,5 -3,3 q/dm3, general mineralization of non-carbonated water is 0,10 q/dm3 and PH indicator is 7,4.

Therapeutic assignment and benefits:

Carbon dioxide “Sirab” mineral water has a strong sugar away action. At the moment very few people discover that there is no gastritis in the stomach. In order to prevent from it, to heal it, it is necessary to use of “Sirab” regularly. Moreover, people, who suffer from disorder of metabolism, liver, gall, gastro-intestinal, respiratory diseases, fall with allergic rhinitis disease are advised to drink “Sirab” mineral water. ”Sirab” mineral water is very useful and is water that has no analogue in the world.

About countries that it was exported and our achievements:

Today, the voice of “Sirab” mineral water, which is the decoration of our table-clothes, comes from several countries around the world. “Sirab” water, which is enriched with minerals, is recognized not only in Azerbaijan but also in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, China, Iraq, Qatar, Poland, Kuwait, Ukraine and the Baltic states. We are sure that Sirab mineral water will take a decent place in the European market soon.

As all production process at “Sirab” OJSC fully met ISO standards and quality management system requirements, our enterprise was certificated approving the conformity with ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 22000- 2005 standards by Germany’s IQNET and DQS certification body. It is a sign of the high-quality production of “Sirab” water and a key to access to the European market. As we manufactured a high-quality product that can meet world standards, “Sirab” mineral water gained high achievements in many foreign countries.


As we manufactured a high-quality product that can meet world standards, “Sirab” mineral water gained high achievements in many foreign countries. So, "Sirab" OJSC was awarded with a gold medal "For High Quality in Business" in Geneva, Switzerland in May, 2005.

“Sirab” mineral water was awarded with a Gold medal at the “XII Forum of Food products and beverages” held in Kiev, Ukraine in 2009, Silver medal at the XVII International “PRODEXPO 2010” exhibition held in Moscow in 2010, Gold medal at the XVIII International “PRODEXPO 2011” exhibition held in Moscow in 2011 and Gold medal at the XIV International Central Asia “Food industry” exhibition held on 1-4 November 2011 in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. This is also a foundation for our future successes. 

Achievements that “Sirab” mineral water gained in the world:

  • Gold medal – “For High Quality in Business”  (Geneva, 2005 )
  • Gold medal – “XII Forum of Food products and beverages”  ( Ukraine, 2009  )
  • Silver medal – XVII International exhibition “PRODEXPO 2010”   ( Moscow, 2010 )
  • Gold medal – XVIII International exhibition “PRODEXPO 2011”   ( Moscow, 2011 )
  • Gold medal – International Food Industry exhibition  (Kazakhstan, 2011 )
  • Brand of the Year –  “Brand of the Year in Azerbaijan” First National Award (Azerbaijan, 2009)
  • Brand of the Year –  “Brand of the Year in Azerbaijan” First National Award ( Azerbaijan, 2012)
  • Exporter of the Year – “Success in Business” award, Nakhchivan AR of the Republic of Azerbaijan - 2012
  • ITQI -  Superior Taste Award by the International Taste & Quality Institute (BRUSSELS 2015 )
  • Gold Medal - XXV International exhibition "PRODEXPO 2018" (Moscow 2018)